Greger Huttu has dominated sim racing over the past decade. He held the number one rank in GPL Rank years ago, won 87 times in 93 road racing starts in iRacing, and clinched the 2010 iRacing Drivers World Championship Road Racing, winning, I beleive 15 of 16 races and the $10,000 prize.

What else has his dominance gotten him? A free Star Mazda test, apparently, for a story in Top Gear Magazine. The article states Huttu, who claims he has never driven on a real racetrack before, did a lap of 1:24.8 at Road Atlanta on just his 4th lap! That is only some 4 seconds off the pole time from this years Pro Star Mazda race this year, and would have put him 13th of 18th on the grid. I find magazine articles like this tend to exaggerate things, but if that's anything close to the truth it's amazing. Huttu's biggest problem was dealing with the physical forces, as the article states he throw up in his helmet and only made it 15 laps. It doesn't mention any other details of the test or if he had any other sessions.

Here is a copy of the article.