With all the stress of running the racecar this year, It was nice to get back to some arrive and drive karting recently. I know, you might consider the karts "slow" and maybe even not "real" racing. I challenge you to watch the videos and tell me it's not great racing!

I ran a BMWCCA karting event at Summit Point Kart this past weekend. Rain didn't stop us! And no rain tires, don't need them! It kinda sucked that a kart I had broke, but oh well, not mine, not my problem! I know of no cheaper, more accessible way to race.

The first race the track was treacherous with huge puddles everywhere. It was a great race, at one time I think we were side by side for the lead driving sideways down the length of the straight. I tried to avoid the big puddles but it was a futile attempt, my kart died halfway through the race. But I got another kart and rejoined the race with the leaders a lap down!

In race 2 we changed to the short track since the far end of the track was so flooded. However it stopped raining and although the track was almost completely wet most of the standing water was gone. We inverted the grid so I started on the pole due to the kart dieing in the first race. Starting clear of everyone else, I managed to do a spin and win while everyone else battled it out behind me!

In race 3 I started last. This time my kart was not as fast and it had a lot of understeer, but it was again great racing and I managed to work up to battle for the lead and end up 2nd.

Finally here's some video of the track dry! This is from a Volta Grand Prix race a few months ago.