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Category: Indoor Karting
Posted by: Mike
In the past I posted certain things and noted that I'm wasn't calling out anyone I know because I wasn't. This time is different. I'm calling out about 90% of the people I race sport karts with.

The context here is regular sport karting (or arrive and drive, rental, recreational, “concessional”, whatever you want to call it) arrive and drive sessions. There are almost always new people in these sessions, and for even an average karter who participates in leagues or other competitive events, we are always way, way, way faster then the noobs! That's not surprising and it's not unlike any other sport.

I cannot count the number of times I've seen an experienced karter and friend take out a random noob. Like dude, why are you driving through/across that random noob after you dive bombed his ass instead of backing off and letting him straighten himself out? Why are you pushing that random chick straight off into a wall instead of letting her move herself (slowly) out of the way and driving around?

Yes, the noob did not have good situational awareness and probably should have seen you. Yes the noob was practically parked at the apex because the noob was not really taking the right line and did not understand kart control. But it doesn't really make it right for you to take them out right?

There are several downsides to taking out noobs. First, by leaving them stuck up sideways against a wall, they are getting in the way of my hotlaps! Second, you are beating up the equipment which hurts both the track and other racers. Finally, you are discouraging the noob from coming back and staying involved in karting, and thus hurting the growth and sustainability of the sport.

Taking out noobs doesn't mean you are a bad person or a bad racer. I've probably done it myself before and have certainly come close too often. We are all competitive and want give it hell 100% of the time, but sometimes might forget to respect others on the track too. I do my best to not take out noobs and you should too.
Category: Karting
Posted by: Mike
Here is an interesting piece about the current state of karting and where it is headed.

Karting and the ‘Stepping-Stone’ Dogma – Special Karting1 Feature

Here is my analysis on the main points of the article:

  • Karting has traditionally been a step on the ladder to car racing and this isn't necessarily a bad thing.

  • Racing simulators can, are and will replace Karting as a step to car racing to some extent.

  • Karting should also market itself to current car racers as an alternative form of motorsport.

  • Modern karting is unnecessarily complicated and expensive.

  • To me the article's pretty spot on. I can agree with all these points. I started out in karting (although mostly rental "sport" karts which are not the focus of the article) with the intent to move to car racing; however, I also used racing sims as a serious training tool. I feel both helped me a lot in cars. I'm also looking to do more karting and less car racing this year (more on that to come). I don't know who wouldn't agree with the last point unless your are a kart manufacturer or dealer...

    So for karting to be successful, it needs to appeal to entry level racers looking to move up, experienced club racers looking to have fun and everything in between. In the process karting should be simpler, more accessible and more affordable. Makes sense to me.