As usual there's big changes for the upcoming season and things have been coming together. There was a change in circumstances so our team ultimately decided to sell the racecar and move on. It was disappointing to not get another chance in the car, but at the same time it also opens up opportunities for other things. I have to thank everyone that helped me with the car over the past two years. I learned a lot from the experience and ultimately I know it will help me down the road.

For this year, I'm looking to take things a little slower. I hope you don't mis-interpret that. I don't mean I've given up on racing. In the past few years I put a lot of pressure on myself to put to results fast with little knowledge, experience and a tight budget. This year I'm going to try to stick to things I can reasonably afford with my current situation and not rush into things. Then hopefully things come to me.

So after selling the car I picked up.... a kart! I got an old chassis for cheap and a new PRD Fireball engine to run in the TAG class. The idea is to have fun and learn by running mostly practice and races with local clubs. Then maybe next year I'll step up with a newer chassis to more serious regional and national races.

Some exciting things have been happening on the arrive and drive sport karting side of things. I won a free entry to the Sport Kart Grand Nationals from Volta Grand Prix. This is an exciting event which is expected to feature 120 of the country's best sport karters and a $5,000 prize purse! After dominating many local enduros last year, we're looking to branch out with our enduro team and travel to some bigger races. Arrive and drive karting is what got me started in racing and probably where I still have the most fun. It will be nice to have some time to focus on the leagues and enduros this year.

I'm definitely not looking to buy another race car this year, but would like to do some testing in different types of cars for the experience and to help me decide what direction I might want to go in the future. I've been looking into a bunch of things on both the road race and short track sides of things and looks like I might have some opportunities. Depending on how things go I might even try to rent for a few races, but that's all to be seen.

Finally, I've got another possible opportunity that might just throw a wrench in this all. It's too soon to go into any details, so you'll have to stay tuned!