This spring I picked up a 2004 Honda Pilot to haul my kart around. I got it after considering all the options for some time. In the end I got the Honda Pilot because I decided I wanted a vehicle that I could store the kart inside (as opposed to a trailer or pickup with an open bed), and the pilot was most suitable for me in terms of size, price, and what I liked. A trailer would just be a huge hassle for me in terms of parking/storage. And a pickup wouldn't allow me to leave the vehicle with the kart in it outside comfortably were it would be exposed to the elements and possible thieves. The Pilot is among the smaller SUVs that can fit a kart comfortably (which means it gets better fuel mileage, I can fit it in my garage, etc) and I find it to be a nice vehicle overall that I can use for other purposes sometimes. It's a nice vehicle as a daily driver, although I still usually drive my Honda Civic which gets much better mileage.

Here is a pic of the PIlot with all the kart and all the stuff I bring to the track normally.
Kart In Honda Pilot

I remove both sidepods, the front bumper, and both rear wheels and hubs before loading. I find this to be the easiest way, although it can fit with the wheel and sidepod on one side, and also probably with the front bumper. To load the kart, I push the kartstand up over the hatch opening and simply lift and slide the kart off the stand and into the vehicle. Unloading is similar. After doing it a few times, it is relatively painless and safe. I then load the kart stand on top of the kart. Lifting the kart stand in and out in the right position is the most laborsome part of the process, and I had to do some experimenting to figure out the position that was easiest and safest, which is seen in the photo. I tie down the stand to a hook on the left side of the cargo area to prevent it from moving around.

I then load the front bumper under the front fairing and the sidepods to the sides of the kart. A small airtank, the rear wheels, two small boxes of parts/spares/consumables, a small gas can and bag of tools fit to the back and sides of the kart. My driver gear, personal items and a small cooler are stored either in front of the kart, in the area right behind the front seats, or the front passenger seat. There's room to squeeze in a few more things in necessary like another set of tires, and I can keep the front passenger seat clear too if I'm bringing a friend to the track. The whole process probably takes 10 minutes.

If I get to the point where I need or desire to haul the kart in a trailer, I could tow it easily with the Pilot. Overall, it's worked out very well.