It was almost 8 years ago when I had my first real racing experience at Allsports Grand Prix. At Allsports I not only drove a kart for the first time, I made my first connections in racing, raced wheel to wheel for the first time, learned the fundamentals of racing, spun out for the first time, and of course got into my first argument with another racer over racing room. You could say it changed my life.

In recent years, I hadn't been going to Allsports much, despite living just 15 minutes away during this time. I lamented that the leagues were smaller and not as competitive, about this guy and that guy not racing there anymore, the conditions of the karts slipping, and how after doing probably tens of thousands of laps there, I wasn't really gaining that much by racing and lapping there.

Recently though after not visiting at all since last winter, I began to think about going again. I envisioned just stopping by after work by myself and just getting in the zone, rattling off laps. Then before I even got of my ass and went, I heard the place was closing for good in less than two weeks!

In the closing weeks I did find the time to visit several times. I met up with many people I had raced with for many years, but hadn't seen much lately, and even met some new people. It was great. It felt like old times, when I looked forward all week to having the chance to race in the league. It made me think how and why I got away from such enjoyable, fun racing.

And then that was it, Allsports was closed forever. There's talk of opening a bigger and better place at another location, but as always with racing I'll believe it when I see it! Until then thank you Allsports and all the employees and racers that gave me so many great memories.

For my tribute to Allsports, here are a few videos. First, me driving my TAG racing kart at allsports. I'm not sure if I went faster than an Allsports “superkart” despite having around 3 times more power and being significantly lighter.

Second a typical league race at Allsports. I literally ran several hundred races like this.