I've been indoor karting for a little over a year at my local track: Allsports Grand Prix. Before I actually tried it, I thought that it wouldn't be serious enough for me. I was wrong. The racing karts used at these places require some real skill to hustle around the track quickly, and everything I've heard is that these skills will translate at least somewhat to other racing.

I recently started running an indoor league at my local track and it has been awesome. The competition is great and it is really pushing me to improve my skills.

There are a few downsides to indoor karting. Since the karts are used by the public by basically anyone who pays 20 bucks, they are crashed and beat on, and some karts can be significantly better then others. Also, as far as I know, ballasting drivers for weight equalization is not common in indoor racing leagues, I believe for logistical reasons. It's great being light, but its be nice to see how things play out on a level field.

Overall, indoor karting is by far one of the most accessible and best values in racing. Sure, it might not be as cool looking as racing your BMW on the track, but it is much cheaper and probably much more competitive.

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