I wrote before about the ability of top sim racers in real life racing, but what about the other way around?

Unlike other games, iRacing displays your full name instead of some "gamertag" and there are quite a few real life pro racers who have accounts and race. In fact, I've raced against at least a few dozen names I recognized from a pro racing series, although few that have ever raced at the top levels.

So how good are the real life pros? From my experience it varies. Some real life pros are among the top rated iRacers. However, other pro racers have quite disappointing iRacing results. Some also seem to get in an above average amount of incidents.

So what does this mean? Who knows. Are the mediocre iRacers also mediocre real life racers? Are their lack of skills hidden by good equipment and/or a smaller pool of drivers in real physical world racing? Or do some real life racers just not take the game seriously? After all, they race for real, why take a game seriously? Are they used to having the real life "seat of the pants" feel and thus struggle without it? Are the guys that crash a lot just taking advantage of the comparably minimal repercussions? Or is it a result of real life racers racing more aggressively and competitively? I guess can't say I'll ever know unless I race against them in real life.

If you're an iRacing member, you can search for other members by name using the driver lookup feature under the myRacing->myRacers menu.