I stumbled upon an interesting series of articles a while ago, called The Physics of Racing by physicist and amateur racer/autocrosser, Brian Beckman. The whole series of articles, written over a 10 plus year span starting in 1991, is available online here.

As the title states, the articles address... the physics of racing. While a book like Going Faster addresses topics like the fastest line through a corner, braking force and tire slip angles with mainly qualitative explanations and diagrams, The Physics of Racing series attempts to explain with equations and numbers.

I'm not sure if understanding the physics behind racing at the level presented in the articles is required to be a good, or even top professional racer. And although I've only read about a forth of the articles, they certainly aren't as comprehensive as a book like Going Faster!. However, you can still certainly pick up a few things from it, and you might even find some of it interesting!