I'm currently at VIR for my first Skip Barber regional race weekend. Today I did a lapping day, tomorrow is practice and Saturday and Sunday are qualifying and races.

I was certainly hesitant this morning since I hadn't driven the Skip Barber car at all in a year, and even then it was only for two days, so I'm likely the least experienced in the car of anyone here. However my two lapping sessions went well. Right out of the box, I felt surprisingly comfortable. Although it's not perfect, I think the iRacing sim helped. I'll have more on that to come. There was a vast speed differential between the fastest and slowest people in the first session, and I was somewhere in the middle. By the second session, things were feeling even better and an instructor even timed me (unofficially of course) as the fastest of anyone in one split. Of course, I capped off the session by spinning off in that turn. I guess there's not much more to pick up there.

Every time I've gotten in a race car I get more comfortable, more confident and feel like I know more and more what's happening, why it's happening, and what I need to do to go faster. The instructors at skip barber provide great feedback, and I'm at a point now where I feel like I know during the session and after the session what I need to work on, and a lot of the feedback is like confirmation to me. My first few sessions in a racecar, I got out with adrenaline pumping but almost in a daze; I struggled to remember much of what I did in the session, even when I felt I was doing well. Now when I get out of the car I have a decent idea of why I was fast in one section slow in another, and am able to absorb and learn much better.

All the formula cars ran in one group (since VIR is 3 miles long, the 20+ cars wasn't much of an issue) and with only one group of MX-5 cars as well, that meant the two 30 minute lapping sessions finished up around lunch. For the rest of the day, drivers can sign up for additional practice, lead follow or computer car sessions. I stuck around for a bit to listen in on a few drivers and instructors going over lead follow and computer data. I took some notes and jotted down what I need to focus on tomorrow. I also walked around and watched from a few corners; VIR is such a beautiful facility and with the great weather and being the only one out there, it felt really peaceful and tranquil.

Hopefully the rest of the weekend goes well. I'll try to post after each day.