I'm at my Mom's this weekend and was bored so I decided to take a quick crack at Grand Prix Legends. Grand Prix Legends is a racing sim from 1998, simulating the 1967 F1 Season. It was highly regarded at the time and had a huge following in the sim racing community.

I hadn't played it at all since I started playing iRacing over a year ago. I used my old non force feedback Logitech Wingman Formula GP wheel. I played this game for six or seven years, and although it was pretty sparingly and I never put in that many hours or raced competitively online, I thought I still had a grasp of it. I was wondering if I could improve my times since between iRacing and real world racing, I have a much greater understanding of what the hell I am doing now. But I was in for a surprise! I crashed the Lotus 100 feet after pulling out of the pits at Watkins Glen! It was a challenge to just drive straight down the straightaway! The handling is very touchy, especially with the non force feedback wheel and cheap pedals.

After a few laps and a few crashes, I did actually start to get a hang of it though. But after running 26 laps, my best time in the Lotus at Watkins Glen was 1:08.5, over 1.7 seconds off my personal best of 1:06.77 I set in May 2007. I don't think I'll ever improve on my GPL Rank again. Although I think I could improve it I put in ALOT of time, it's just not worth it anymore. Looks like my dreams of a negative handicap are done!