I started my blog here just about 3 years ago. I was just getting started with actively racing and felt I needed a website. However, I felt it would be a bit futile to post up a standard racing driver website with no experience or achievements, and I also wanted to write more frankly about racing, both my personal racing and general racing topics, and found that there were not many sites like this. So I figured why not and created whatever I have here now.

Over the past few years I have found several blogs that are more similar to mine, which offer real insight to a verity of aspects in racing or detailed personal racing accounts in a more traditional blogging style, not just a rehash of results that say "I'm awesome and I didn't win because this guy took me out!". So I've added a few links to my "blogroll" which is in the right menubar.

Here's a summary of a few:

Martin Galpin - Formula car racer based in the UK and current engineer on the Force India F1 team.
Chump to Champ - Karter, Skip Barber Shootout Attendee and current SCCA racer.
The Gearbox - Former Star Mazda racer currently in the UK looking to race in British Formula Ford.
Mork Racing - Another aspiring racer.

I love to read other people's racing blogs so if you have one post a comment and if I like it I might link to you. And I'd definitely encourage anyone who's actually reading this to create a blog, I certainly don't regret doing it.