As promised a while back, here is a breakdown of my karting budget. I'll try to attach a detailed budget spreadsheet but below is a summary of the key areas.

Startup costs included purchasing the kart, parts and tools. For the kart I purchased a used Arrow AX-9 chassis ($800) a new PRD Fireball TAG engine package ($1500). I ended up spending quite a bit on parts (many new) and paid someone to prep the kart and mount the motor for me. So the total cost for the kart ready to hit the track was $3300. Tools included a kart stand, tire mounting tool, air compressor, and many other smaller items (mostly karting specific as I had basic tools already) and amounted to a bit under $500.

Entry fees: I've only raced at one track, where the combined gate fee and entry is $50. From my research $25-75 is typical for a day of karting at a sprint track. I brought a friend most times and paid for him, which costs extra. total for 4 races this season was $250

Consumables include things like tires, gas, cleaners, lubricants and spark plugs. I bought one set of Bridgestone YLB tires for $215. I use 100 octane gas, NGK spark plugs, Burris 2 stroke oil, Motul chain lube, all typical for karting. Also need some wd40, brake cleaner, simple green, rags/paper towels etc. Total for 4 races was $285.

Transport is the money to get to you and the kart to and from the track. I don't have a trailer or a vehicle capable of fitting the kart inside, but I have been borrowing one so my only transport costs are the gas to get to the track (90 miles one way). Total was $237.

Repairs/Crash Damage: In 4 races I had no crash damage and one rear hub fail. I replaced both rear hubs for $110.

So not including startup, that comes out to $886 for 4 races or $221.5 per race.

However moving forward I'm expecting some differences. I'm planning to use the same set of tires into next season, I'm planning to get my own vehicle which should save some on transport (better mpg), and I'm also expecting some additional costs, mainly a top end motor rebuild after 10 hours or so (20 club days) which I estimate at $500. So here is my estimated prorated budget for a club race day in the long run:

tires 8 races $27
gas 1 gallon $8
oil 1 qt $4
spark plug 8 races $1
engine wear 20 races $25
repairs/crash damage $20
transport $40
entry $50
total $180

I'll report back on how accurate this budget turns out to be. More competitive races will obviously cost more. If you own a kart and have any insight, feel free to comment.