I've read a few things about this topic recently. In particular, check out this thread from ekartingnews.com. The discussion is about the relationship between indoor (arrive and drive) and outdoor (traditional, bring and work on your own equipment) karting, and if the indoor variety is real racing.

Although there are a variety of opinions, there are several people - who as far as I know have a long and involved history in the sport - that think indoor karting is not racing and insist there shouldn't be any relationship between indoor and outdoor.

And its the logic that's quite ridiculous to me. Below are a few of the claims. These are paraphrased ideas and perhaps slanted for effect but read the thread for yourself if you don't believe it.

Indoor Karting is not real racing because its not dangerous enough and doesn't cost enough money.

It is useless to promote outdoor karting through indoor facilities, because there is little/no interest and the time/money should be spent promoting elsewhere.

The first claim is just too ludicrous for me to even try to respond too. As for the second, I cannot fathom a better place to promote karting. Would you seriously think promoting karting at a football game would be a better idea??

As I've said before, I believe lowering the entry barriers to racing is a key to success and growth in the future. Making indoor karting a first step in the ladder is a great way to do this. Apparently, some within the sport can't understand the concept.

If your interested, read through the whole thread, its informative and there's quite a lot I agree with.