Volkswagen recently announced a partnership with the iRacing simulator which includes an online competition in which the winners get the opportunity to race in the TDI Cup! wow! This is exactly the type of thing I mean when I talk about the future of racing and lowering the entry barriers.

Here are the details.

Props to Volkswagen for having the insight to do this! I can't emphasize how awesome I feel this is along with the whole TDI Cup. It's a relatively inexpensive series for new drivers with a green racing concept. Not only is that a much better sell for sponsors, but its something I truly believe in. No one else is doing this!

The iRacing simulator looks real good. I've only done a few laps at a demo, but the vehicle dynamics feel good, and what jumped out at me was the realism of the track - absolutely unmatched in any other sim I've played. Unfortunately, it won't run faster then 2 FPS on my laptop; I'll have to work on that.

More on both iRacing and the TDI Cup later...