I'm going to be posting several safety gear reviews here soon.

First is the Sparco Hurricane gloves. These gloves are actually discontinued but are still in stock at several online retailers.

I got the Sparco Hurricane gloves about 7 months ago and have used them quite a bit in both karts and cars. The gloves are made of Nomex and FIA standard 8856 compliant, which I believe should make them legal for most forms of auto racing.

The fit was my most important criteria in selecting these gloves. I initially wanted a cheaper pair of G-Force gloves, but they did not fit my skinny hands well at all. The Hurricane gloves fit my hands pretty much perfectly from the the fingers to the wrist. The wrist has no velcro strap but is elastic so they stay on my hands well.

The grip provided by the gloves is not that great though. The gloves are Nomex fabric all around with small finger, palm and thumb suade patches. The lack of grip is most notible to me in karting. Most karting gloves I've tried do provide much better grip. Other Nomex gloves with more suade/leather on the underside I've tried also seem to grip better.

Considering the gloves are a single layer of soft Nomex, I don't think they provide good abrasion resistance for karting at all. Nomex gloves with patches on the knuckles may be slightly better, but karting specific gloves should be much better in this department.

The fabric gets linty very easily, but as of yet has stayed durable. The construction of the glove appears very high quality.

Comfort is great. The feel is as good as any other glove I've tried.

Overall, it's a solid glove, but I've I were to get another pair for around the same price I think I would try something else. But for those with skinny hands and doing mainly auto, I think they be a good pick, particularly if you can get them on sale since they are discontinued.